Terms proposal for the renewable energy auction of July 2017- 2.000 MW

Madrid, June 15th 2017 – The Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda published a resolution proposal on July 15th 2017 which sets forth the terms for the new auction of solar photovoltaic and wind energy that according to the abovementioned draft document, will take place on July 18th 2017.

Technologies allowed to participate in the auction: wind and solar photovoltaic energy.

Maximum power: 2,000 MW. The total power may be increased in accordance with the confidential clause included in the proposal.

Type of auction: Competitive auction, in which each participant offers a discount on the investment remuneration (“Retribución a la Inversión, Rinv”). The maximum discount allowed is structured as follows:

  • Photovoltaic Solar Technology: 65.80% (there is no minimum discount)
  • Wind technology: 81.91% (there is no minimum discount)

Prequalification: Prequalified entities for the auction that took place on May 17th 2017, will be considered prequalified for this auction too.

Costs of the auction: € 0.08 / kW (to be paid by the awarded participants).

Auction date: The auction will be held on July 18th 2017. The reception of offers will be closed at 11:00 am. The provisional results will be published 2 hours after the closing of the reception of the offers.

Other significant dates: July 13th 2017. Deadline for the submission of prequalification and qualification documents.